Jan. 3rd, 2011 07:35 pm
maderr: (Writer Magic)
[personal profile] maderr
I think I have friended everyone lately who has asked. But this post is public on the chance I've missed someone. If I have missed you, let me know! I am not snubbing you or anything, I just lose track of requests ^^;;;

Um. I feel there was something--

Oh, yeah. I need to stop writing Sunday Snuggles. My latest one is trying to demand a 'how they met' story. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS YOU FUCKNG STORY AND IF I GET OFF TRACK ANYMORE THAN I ALREADY AM MY EDITOR WILL DESTROY ME AND HAVE MY SOUL FOR BREAKFAST.

Did not miss work. Blah.

Now must get a beer, and then finally do work. Good grief, where does the friggin' time go?
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