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First off, Less Than Three Press is going to be at Wincon this year. We’ll be selling some of our print books, including The Bastard Prince, The Missing Butterfly, Embrace, Magic & Mischief, Midsummer Days, and Living Words (by Sasha L. Miller).

The editor in Chief will be arriving Thursday, the rest of us late Thursday night ^__^ We’ll probably nearly always be in the consuite, if you would like to drop by and see us (and buy a book or two :3).

In other news, I’ve been writing random fairytales here and there the last couple of weeks. I’ve not yet transferred them to my webpage, but you can find them on my LJ. I also have written a little short story, and a few Midsummer Baker drabbles.

When I get back from Wincon, I’ll transfer them properly to my LJ. Until then, they’re pretty easy to find:

Short story and baker drabbles

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