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Jan. 31st, 2011 10:02 pm
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New Green Hornet fic. More serious than the other two, cause there's a dearth of serious. I'm all about the porn, but I'm more about nonporn in the end :3

And Kato is awesome and badass and shiney, but NGL, it's Britt I love most <3

I swear I'll shut up soon. I haven't had a true fandom in so long, I forgot how much fun it is to be a silly fangirl :3
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We're going to see it again tomorrow, I is excited!

In celebration, here is the shameless blowjob porn I've been meaning to type up all week. Read it on AO3. Hope you enjoy ^__^

Now off to buy groceries!

I need Green Hornet icons. Will obtain upon my return. Really going now!
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Characters herein do not belong to me. Used for fun and crack.

Full credit for the title goes to [livejournal.com profile] wittyilynamed, who is made of awesomesauce.

Unbeta'ed. Will address that when I am more awake, cause right now I'm def not.

Much love to you, peeps! Enjoy the crack, which is NWS

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Only, like, a page. If this completely sucks, feel free to say. I have one vote for 'nice', already.

Much to my dismay, Bond, Mummy, etc etc do not belong to me. I think we all know what would be happening if Craig and Fehr were mine.

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James Bond and MacGyver not mine -- obviously.

This has got to be the most random fandom I've ever managed to somehow stumble my way into, but oh gods is it fun. I need to go back and actually finish the story I started for them.

In the mean time, had an inkling to smut them up ^^;;

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Hee Hee.

Jason from Foxtrot and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes not property me. Am only having fun ^__^

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And after this, am taking break. I feel kinda silly have written five in one day when I thought I'd write three all weekend >_>;;;

Um. If you've suggestions for more, please do feel free to give ^^;;;

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Well, you know, what with evil pagan festivals and all?

I would say I'm going to hell, but that fact was so long ago established it hardly needs to be pointed out.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] nikerymksherea, because she said Deyllgo and Cion needed smut and after writing Sable/Chris I was in the mood to make another attempt. Plus, really owed lots to Nikery and Tygs for cheering me up <3

So, Happy Easter. Have some dragon pr0n.

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And another little bit, because the idea of Cion dealing with dragons who have no concept of privacy or modesty or whatall would not leave me alone. Poor, poor Cion

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Hey, Tsu

Mar. 25th, 2007 05:35 pm
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I found this while I was pondering drabble ideas for the Hardy Boys ^^; Ages and ages past, I wanted to do the '30 Kisses' thing with them, and then it fell by the wayside. It needs a lot of work, god I haven't looked at this thing in ages and ages, and there's not much to it since I was building a story and only got as far as number eight, but figured it couldn't hurt to post ^^;;

Characters, obviously, not mine. Just borrowing ^__^

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(posting now because I know I won't wake up in time tomorrow morning)

Based on The Dragon Isles: The Silver Dragon by [livejournal.com profile] tygati. She wrote about a smexy, snarly black dragon and failed to give him a pretty boy. I solved that little problem for her.

In which a smexy, snarly black dragon is pwned )
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In point of fact, [livejournal.com profile] tygati has written several stories.

However, I am referring to her Darkness series: Darkness, Darkness Falling, Darkness Calling, Darkness Rising, and The Lure of Darkness.

I was Most Displeased when the pretty boy in the last story did not get his own boy toy. Tygs said he was being stubborn and would not budge on the matter. I said well I'll take care of that. She said I could. So I did.

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Forgot I started this. it was saved as 'bondmac - b vs b' on my comp and it took me a second to remember what it was ^^;; Only a page, I recall now why I stopped - MacGuyver is hard to write. Maybe I'll poke at this some tonight. Fanfiction is always a nice break for me.

I wonder if I could con someone into making a bond/mac icon for me? That would be teh r0x0r.

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This is probably the dumbest four pages I've ever written. I know zilch about the verse -- be it cannon or fannon. I don't even know if there *is* a fandom, though I'm sure there is.

But basically it amuses me that, minus his cohorts, people want either to kill or fuck him. There's no inbetween, really. So I figured if there are completely random women who pop up out of nowhere who want to jump him, why not a guy? And I think you'd be hardpressed to argue the man is completely straight; he just likes bedroom athletics too much.

Anyway. This chunk is crap, b/c I know thismuch about it and right now don't feel like getting into it. But I was amused enough to write it (and have been able b/c *everyone* except me is asleep right now). May someday expand it into a respectable fic, but for now please note only that the character and 'verse do NOT belong to me. Am only having fun.

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