Jan. 7th, 2011 07:12 pm
maderr: (Geniuses)
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My drabble the other day for Genuises reminded me that I promised someone I would recreate my website for jason/calvin stuff. I am currently putting that together. If anyone has a fic/image/etc, by all means hook me up (if you don't mind it being on the site). If you know of others who would not mind being on the site, let me know/let them know/whatever. If nothing else, send me the links and I can at least do a 'find more here' kind of thing.

This will probably take me awhile, since there is other shit I should be doing, but I know people really like jason/calvin and I felt bad I tore down the old site.


I have added everything I had and could find. I know there is stuff missing, though. I remember a couple more authors, and I would swear I had more artwork at one point. Again, if anyone can hook a sister up, that would be swell.

The website: calvinjason
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