Jan. 7th, 2011 07:12 pm
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My drabble the other day for Genuises reminded me that I promised someone I would recreate my website for jason/calvin stuff. I am currently putting that together. If anyone has a fic/image/etc, by all means hook me up (if you don't mind it being on the site). If you know of others who would not mind being on the site, let me know/let them know/whatever. If nothing else, send me the links and I can at least do a 'find more here' kind of thing.

This will probably take me awhile, since there is other shit I should be doing, but I know people really like jason/calvin and I felt bad I tore down the old site.


I have added everything I had and could find. I know there is stuff missing, though. I remember a couple more authors, and I would swear I had more artwork at one point. Again, if anyone can hook a sister up, that would be swell.

The website: calvinjason
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I'm rusty at this fandom, so pardon if it's not up to par

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Hee Hee.

Jason from Foxtrot and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes not property me. Am only having fun ^__^

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For [ profile] nepenth, because she asked. And because I really really really miss this fandom. I still want to do my essay, and more stories. And con more of you to writing in it more often


Now I want coffee.

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SMP Story

Jan. 12th, 2006 06:17 pm
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Silly two page little thing I wrote for the awesome newsletter Skylark put together. 'Tis not much, but anything that makes me laugh can't be too much a loss ^_~

And now I go to shower, and afterwards I shall call my Gomi. ^_^

Such a pretty song, this.

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Look what [ profile] ratuenranzmt did with part of geniuses!
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I wasn't entirely making up Jason in drag. I just tweaked things a bit:

Part One
Part Two

Now I go to finish groceries, then two hours of Prison Break, then bed. But I'll be writing "Wedding Bells" all the while, because it's going to be a proper story (if that hadn't already been figured out).

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So pardon the errors and the incompleteness. I tend to write fast and not look back.

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All right, no more bitching. It's not helping so stopping.

Drabble! Wrote it last night, meant to be part of a 'series' of drabbles I was going to start posting next week but eh, one a little early can't hurt.

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Being a foot runner, rain is ostensibly the Mortal Enemy. But I like it - it's cooling. As much as I love the heat, it's no fun walking around the office hot and sticky (shut up peanut gallery) all day. Nevermind the poor people that have to smell me...

It's been trying to rain all week, maybe today it'll actually stop trying.

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Jun. 23rd, 2005 02:32 pm
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I *really* want an icon for Geniuses. I would be willing to discuss bribes.

That being said, let's see what I can compose over my lunch break. Apologies for errors.

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Eep! Gots to go. I get the feeling this snippet could become a full-fledge fic. We'll see. Bye! *zips off*



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