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I know that people mean absolutely no harm when they say that LT3 belongs to me, that it's my idea, my website, etc. But it sort of upsets me, anyway. Because it's not mine. To be perfectly honest it wasn't even my idea. Less Than Three Press is a three-man team. My partners are my sister Samantha Derr ([ profile] rykaine) and my roommate Sasha Miller ([ profile] nikerymis). We also get a lot of help from [ profile] drowning_london.

LT3 was Samantha's idea. I never would have had the brass, I was happy selling my own little efforts via lulu and amazon. Samantha came up with the idea, I just helped her carry it out. Then Sasha offered to do our webwork, since Sam and I are useless in that department, and she became our third partner. Sasha is our webmaster, Samantha is Editor-in-Chief and CFO, and those comprise three of the hardest damn parts of running a business, imho.

I was just the name to give us a starting point. We are a real, registered, professional press, for all that we're still new babyfaces on the scene. LT3 is not my little website, my little project. I don't post my own stories and then let in guest authors. It is our business. We hope soon to quit our day jobs and do LT3 full time. We want more writers, more stories, to be a bigger name on the scene. That is our goal. We take our business very seriously; it's not some little past time or game.

Again, I no one means anything by saying LT3 is mine, but it does a serious discredit to Samantha and Sasha. I might be the name everyone knows but they are the backbone. I would appreciate it, greatly, if people would get their information correct when they speak of LT3. We are a professional small press, and it is owned and operated by the three of us.

Thank you.



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