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Sep. 7th, 2010 10:48 pm
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I am so very very very very excited ^____^ Bound is complete, and my new serial starts this week! I wrote it ages ago, and have been waiting forever to see it run. I’m really fucking fond of it, I cannot even tell you. I hope everyone else likes it as much as me ^___^

The beautiful cover was designed by the awesome and magnificent London. She has also done matching covers for Dance with the Devil and Midnight, which you’ll see when they go up on LT3 in the next few months ^___^

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For those that subscribe to LT3, but may have wandered away, Bound is now complete. It will be available as a free download for subscribers next week, and then goes to the ebook store. Replacing it will be Dance in the Dark, which I posted a snippet of ages ago, and most will recognize it as obviously being in the same verse as Dance with the Devil. Which, speaking of DwtD, it is undergoing a rewrite ^__^ The rewritten first story has obviously been here for awhile, but I am about a third done with the entire thing. It should be available in a couple of months (sadly, I was not able to have it ready in time to be released alongside the start of DitD).

Also, for those that did not notice, I added a story here on the website: The Assignment. It’s for the kinky fantasy community, written in honor of its inception, so please read the warnings before you read the story, as it will definitely not be to everyone’s tastes.

My sister also started a new LJ community, 3 is Better Sex, and I wrote a story in honor of that opening as well. Midsummer Baker, which obviously takes place in Midsummer :3 For those that noted them in Kirby’s story, this story addresses the Withers boys :3

I also wrote a cute, silly little fairytale that is here for now, though eventually I will probably move it to the website.

Next up, I’ve updated the ‘WIPs’ page, since it’s well past outdated, and I always meant to change out the snippets and as usual always forget. Finally remembered. So check those out if you’re inclined :3 Snippets include a mix of stuff unseen before, and things I have posted to LJ: Tarnished Knights (new medieval style fantasy story), an unnamed tentacle story, Speak to Me (a Tavamara-verse story), By the Book (new fantasy short story), The Duke’s Bonded (new novel-length fantasy story), an unnamed vampire-ninja/incubus story (from Behind the Mask verse), and Impractical (an arranged marriage type story).

Also, for anyone who had not noticed, my old book of short stories has been released under LT3. For those that already have it, nothing has changed minus minor edits. Like most other old stuff of mine, we’re just transferring it to publication by LT3 ^__^ The awesome cover was done by Lainey Durand. You’ll be seeing more of her stellar work in the future on LT3.

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Because several people have asked, I put my old Trilogy of Knights stories. They’re here. Enjoy ^__^

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This past weekend was a three day long Day of Porn :3 Rykaine has created a Master List here. Go enjoy! One of my contributions, Texas Rock, spawned additional works. To read all four of those, go here ^__^ Eventually I will add them to the website, I think there are some other stories I said I’d add, too. Maybe this weekend.

Credit Cards now accepted
LT3 is pleased to announce that we now accept credit cards! You can now use your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards to purchase ebooks and to pay for your serial subscriptions. As part of this upgrade, we’ve implemented the price change outlined in a previous post. Most ebook pricing has increased by $0.50 to $1.00, and the monthly serial subscription has increased by $0.30. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble with purchases using your credit card.

More subscription options!
We now offer two additional payment plans for our serial fiction subscription, giving you three options for subscribing to LT3. You can pay $3.25 once a month, $18.60 every 6 months, or $35.40 once a year.

Gulf Oil Spill Fund
To launch our Charity project, LT3 is donating $2 from every purchase of Dire Straits, a new ebook from Megan Derr, to the Gulf Oil Spill Fund put together by the Greater New Orleans Foundation. To learn more about the Gulf Oil Spill Fund and the Greater New Orleans Foundation, click the image below.

Less than a century ago, the world was a dangerous place. Monsters ran wild, and the only thing more dangerous was the humans attempting to control them. The chaotic lands were eventually tamed by a group of people who came to be known as the Crown, and they formed a government that helped to maintain peace in the untamed lands.

Bannick Poore is one such maintainer of peace, an infamous Priest with guns at his hips and a blood red collar around his throat. He is equal parts mage and gunslinger, and it is his sworn duty to uphold the law and drive back the monsters that still crop up in a land that is still learning to be civilized…

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New ebook

Jul. 13th, 2010 09:14 pm
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For that liked Midsummer Moon and Midsummer Curse, tonight Kirby’s story comes out (for those that remember the good Sheriff of Midsummer who showed up briefly in Curse :3)

I also have posted the beginning of a new Sandstorm-verse story here and am also resuming work on (of all things) a tentacle story I started ages ago, found here

Also, LT3 will begin credit card processing next week, on the 21st. We will also be raising prices at that time, to counter all the fees we have to pay in order to have that ability. For those waiting for CCs, we appreciate your patience ^__^


This coming weekend, beginning Friday July 16th and running through the weekend, is ‘Day’ of Porn. More information can be here. Come and join us, or just come and read the porn ^___^

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First, added my most recent Prisoner drabble here.

Next, and more important, LT3 is going to be undergoing some changes in the next month (c/ped from the LT3 Community:

LT3 Press is pleased to announce we’re going to be adding credit cards to our payment options in the next few weeks! This process will not interrupt your service or any existing subscriptions set up through PayPal. To offset the costs incurred by this new feature, we will unfortunately be raising our prices slightly. Most ebook prices will raise by $0.50 – $1.00 and subscriptions fees will raise by $0.30 (to $3.25).

Note that if you have a subscription payment set up at the current rate of $2.95, this will not change! The new subscription pricing will affect new subscriptions only.

The new pricing will go into effect on July 21, 2010. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the admin.

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For those that read the snippet of demon summon story a few days ago, it’s out now :D Enjoy!

By Mistake by Megan Derr

Shimari is a centuries old demon, steeped in knowledge and experience. He has been summoned in ages past to assist great wizards and topple kingdoms. Apprentices do not dare to summon him, and even wise men hesitate. He has seen everything; nothing surprises him… until a young man, practicing magic illegally, summons him by mistake.

Buy it here

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Superstition abounds where the moon is concerned. It can bring love, luck, madness, misfortune, pleasure, and pain. Nothing is left untouched by the waxing and waning of the moon. Those forced to shun the day welcome the light of the moon and work their magic beneath her gaze.

Of all the myths and legends, superstitions and old wives tales, no lunar legend is as well-known as those surrounding the wolves. A deadly bite, a family curse, an old story to frighten children, a local myth, a penance paid for old sins. An heirloom, a trinket, a painting, a crossing of paths—the permutations are endless. Give us your tales of wolves, of moonlight, of what can happen when the old tales turn out to be true…

Check it out and submit a story

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Added Making Dragon Stew and The Rosebush to the line-up.

Also, for those that have not already read it, I wrote a Bound-verse story that is posted here. It’s stand alone, and contains no spoilers for Bound.

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Apr. 6th, 2010 07:51 pm
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Added some drabbles to the website. Am currently working on a short little thing (hopefully short, anyway) for a prompt put up on the Holiday Smut community :3

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I’m sure many have this one, but it’s finally out on LT3 ^__^

ink & paper

I’ve also got a new fairytale up in the serial section:

Twelve years ago, Milton was banished from his home for daring to get too close to the Crown Princess. Now, he is returning home in the company of his elven friend, Tallant. Battle bonded, sworn brothers, Tallant and Milton have been through much in the years they’ve been together. Returning at long last to the home Milton has sorely missed should be easy by comparison, but easy is the very last thing it proves to be.

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In using WordPress for LT3, I have become very fond of it. So, my new website ^___^ I think it is friggin’ awesome, and am madly in love with it.

If you’ll look to the right, I have posted a few stories, and I’ll add more as I weed through what I have for stuff suitable to put up. All my LT3 stuff is linked under ‘published work’. Most of the ‘story’ stuff you have probably read, but as a treat, I did post in full the rewritten first story of Dance with the Devil. I hope everyone approves!

Think that’s all I’ve got for now. Enjoy the new site ^___^


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May. 4th, 2009 09:22 pm
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I don't want to go back to work tomorrow *poutpoutpout*

Am slowly getting back to writing, though. Aha, but now I have a taskmaster right behind me, and right across the room from me. DAMN IT I AM SO DOOMED.

Kitty continues to be terrified and in hiding, and it makes me sad, but I am trying to be patient and not fret fret fret. In the mean time, Sasha's cat is fun to pick on ^_~
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Have some fine tuning stuffs left to do, but the hardest stuff is done, I think.

Parents and sister just left. Always makes me sniffly when they go. I love my family so much, and my parents are the best in the world. As always, they go above and beyond to help me, and I totally am left not knowing what to say. They fucking rock, and I love them muchly.

And now I am awake, unlikely to go back to sleep, so I think I will just relax for a bit.


May. 1st, 2009 08:38 pm
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Argh, cat

May. 1st, 2009 07:27 am
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He is not taking to the move well. He was better this morning, and actually followed me a little bit out of my room, so I took him downstairs with me....and now I cannot find him anywhere.
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My computer is getting broken down, so I will not be online until the guy comes tomorrow to hook it all up. If'n you need, call or text.


Apr. 29th, 2009 06:42 pm
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Got off work, went to new house, dropped off all the stuf I'd packed into car previous night. Came back to current house, went to grab purse for to call missing roomie...and realized left purse (with license and everything else) at new house. Oops -__- And, since roomie is not home, must go get myself. Urgh. I cannot believe I left my f'ing license and crap at the house.
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Hopefully, work goes quickly. My luck, it was draaaaaaaaaaag.

Put up a third drabble. Will do the other two tonight, after I'm done moving what I can. If possible, I'll write them at lunch, then just transcribe them.

On that note, past the drabbles, you probalby will not see me much until Monday. I've got moving tonight, new roomies arriving tomorrow, parents arriving Friday, and I would imagine we'll be busy with the moving and settling in Thurs-Sat at least. If you absolutely need me in that time frame, text or twitter.
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Will add them here as I finish them. And they are largely unbeta'ed, since they're taking longer than I'd anticipated. But, now I've eaten, they should go faster ^^

drabble one )

drabble two )

drabble three )

Will likely finish the other two drabbles tonight, after I am done moving what I can. So they'll be late, but I will do them.



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